Who am I?

My name is Francisco Jesús Reche Angulo, or just Reche (some Spanish names can be quite long, yes).

I was born in Algeciras (south of Spain). I studied Marine and Environmental Sciences. I have worked in the FAO (United Nations). I start now a Master’s degree in entrepreneurship.

Grateful to all the people who have been part of my life and have helped me be where I am today.

Can I become an entrepreneur?

I have decided to start a new chapter in my life.

Although I never considered becoming an entrepreneur, seeing the situation in which the world is, I have decided to try something new: stop complaining about how bad things are and take practical actions that can make this a better world.

So, from scratch, I intend to tell you the steps I am taking to become an entrepreneur.


I often see people who just want to be rich, not matter how. People who want to start a business just to become millionaires, not because they want to contribute something to society.

My goal is to make this a better world. How? I do not have the remotest idea. Today I am trying to do it through entrepreneurship, since I think there is a lot to do. In a few years (ten, fifteen, who knows), through politics. Or perhaps in a totally different way.


There are thousands of people out there called “influencers” who just want to sell, no matter the quality of what they sell, how it has been manufactured, whether minimum rights have been respected or not, the environmental impact they cause, etc.

I think that the influence that each of us can have on others should be used positively, not just to swell our pockets. Values should be promoted, not just products.

Can you help me influence things for the better?